Kristy (2014) – Review

Call me crazy or whatever but I was damn hooked on Kristy. Directed by Oliver Blackburn who made the O-K Donkey Punch in 2008, his follow up film Kristy nails the slasher genre.

Set on a campus in the middle of nowhere Justine (Hayley Bennett) is staying over on the Thanksgiving holidays while the rest of the campus goes back to their homes to celebrate. That leaves just her and a security guard in the gigantic campus – all alone – they are pretty much begging to be hunted. On her first night alone Justine drives to a near-by gas station to buy some midnight snacks. She bumps into a group of misfits who target her and begin to hunt her down and anyone who gets in their way.

The set up of the film is great, the location they chose for the film is a character in itself. The wide shots of the empty exterior and interior of the buildings create the feeling of loneliness which sets up the themes of the film nicely. Even though a true horror nerd knows the rules of the mighty slasher film it was nice to watch and feel like you were watching something new and were invested in the main character.

Hayley Bennett is great to watch as the final (only) girl in the film. The innocent girl turning into revenge kick-ass warrior is present in the film however even though it’s a well worn trope it was still fun and exciting to watch. The main antagonist played by Ashley Greene (Twilight fame) is what kind of dragged the film down for me. It might just be my aversion to her as an actor but I always found her TRYING to be evil, which is disappointing when you need a truly terrifying villain in a slasher film. Her entourage of men however help to build her ‘evil cred’ and the threat always seems real in the film. It was also nice to see Mathew St. Patrick pop up, playing the security guard, I loved him in Six Feet Under and it was good to see him on screen again.

Kristy does kind of touch on some weird plot developments which act as an explanation as to why they are trying to kill Justine and the reason that the film is called Kristy. To be perfectly honest it was a bit stupid and unnecessary and luckily it was only a few minutes at the beginning and end of the film. Apart from that the plot worked well in building the suspense to the max with a few nice gruesome kills.

I enjoyed Kristy a lot. It’s far from a perfect film but I had a good time watching it and sometimes an entertaining film is just what the doctor ordered.


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