The Cottage (2008) – Review

The Cottage is an exciting, darkly funny film that horror fans should know of but most probably don’t. Directed by Brit Paul Andrew Williams The Cottage is a crime/comedy/slasher that has wit and gore to spare.

Set over one night two brothers (Andy Serkis and Reece Shearsmith) kidnap the stepdaughter of a crime boss and plan to place a ransom on her. The film starts off similar to British crime films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Having the two brothers both opposite in character it creates the comedy that sets the tone for the rest of the film. As can be expected nothing goes to plan and as the film develops the light tone of the film jumps into becoming the blackest of comedies.

The Cottage reminded me a lot of Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn, both start in one genre and do a 180 into horror. I really appreciate a director who has the guts to do that and pull it off. It’s refreshing and when it’s used well like in The Cottage it can create hilarious/bloody situations.

It is also an added bonus to see Andy Serkis play a REAL human and not a monkey or cave dwelling creature. He played the tough straight guy very well, giving great proof of his versatility as an actor. I also can’t forget Reece Shearsmith from League of Gentleman fame. His portrayal as the neurotic brother helps bring in the laughs and plays well against Serkis’s stern character.

So I hope this review acts as a good recommendation to check The Cottage out, it’s definitely a worthy surprise that has bucket loads of gore and laughs.

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