Creep (2014) – Review

Melbourne International Film Festival is always grand with its diverse horror selection. One of this year’s picks was Creep (not to be confused with the wicked-sick creature feature Creep set in the London Underground). Creep is a found footage horror film directed by Patrick Brice who also stars in the film opposite the always impressive Mark Duplass. I had heard good things about this film and went to a midnight screening of it, so you can imagine I was ready and raring to be freaked out.

Creep begins with Aaron, a videographer (Brice) who answers an ad on Craigslist to film a man named Josef (Duplass) for a day. Josef tells Aaron he is dying and wants to record ‘a day in the life’ for his future son. When first introduced to Josef, he comes across as a eccentric man with odd perspectives and a dark sense of humour. I myself could imagine hundreds of people I’ve met similar to Josef. The character of Josef was embodied wonderfully by Duplass, not once did you have room to doubt that Josef wasn’t telling the exact truth to Aaron. As the day progresses however Josef lets slip some freaky details and begins to ‘creep’ Aaron out.

Watching Creep I didn’t know where it was going, which was good and bad. At times the pace slowed and it become tedious but then the plot would change dramatically and veer into a totally different direction. This did keep me engaged but by the end of the film I felt like I had watched two different films and even though it was 82 minutes long it did feel longer. The film was definitely bordering on more of a comedy and there were parts where I was waiting for more HORROR. That being said some of the laughable moments were at parts where ‘shit got weirrrrrrdddd’ which were the highlights for me. For example its introduction to the character ‘Peachfuzz’ is one I will never forget and I’m thankful for that!

It’s difficult to talk too much about Creep without giving away the plot but its ending which was sick and twisted, suited me perfectly. Creep is a bit of a messy film which lagged in parts but it did have some crazy moments and went to unexpected places. Do check this one out, you will laugh and be thoroughly weirded out!


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