Zombeavers (2014) – Review

Damn son! It was a late night and the London wind was creating chaos outside. I was snuggled up in bed and was checking the internet for horror films I hadn’t seen. Click, click, click. Then I came across Zombeaver. Hmm this might be light hearted stupid fun……well it was that and so much more.

Thank Jesus. My draught of watching bad horror films was over!

This is less of a review and more a public announcement for horror fans to check out Zombeavers. As I watch more and more horror films I realise that I love a bit of comedy splashed into the mix. I mean the line between horror and comedy is razor thin (or I just have a sick and twisted sense of humour). Some of my favourites like Drag Me to Hell, Sleepaway Camp, The Loved Ones have ball crushing horror while being hilariously sick at the same time.

Let me begin by telling you I have been keeping myself busy with watching horror films in the past two weeks. I went to the cinema and saw Insidious 3 which in my personal opinion was bloody mediocre, like the rest of the franchise. All the Insidious films really do nothing for me (it did have some cool imagery but nothing that will stick with me). I also watched Burying the Ex another horror/comedy this week which was surprisingly awesome and you should check that out……Anyway I’m losing my train of thought. Back to the zombie beavers…….

The beginning shot features two drivers delivering toxic waste and it’s in their dialogue that I knew this film was a step above the rest. The driver casually talks about his past relationships with women and men. Not really a full on joke, just casually mentioning his love for the puss and the wang. The way it is written was strange enough to perk my interest and from then on the script just keeps getting better and better. I mean a film about beavers turning into zombies is never going to be Oscar worthy but director Jordan Rubin and his fellow writers give the film a biting script. The actors pull off the material without a hitch delivering hilarious one liners and sending up the cabin in the woods genre on point.

The way the film plays around with horror tropes is great and dare I say it features feminist flavours with some kick ass women running the show while the men act as imbeciles. The action in the film is great, the zombeavers look fake as hell but in this film it works. The way the actors react to the monsters and the danger is believable enough to go along for the ride and that’s just what this film is. A fun-ass-damn-good-time horror film. Check it out. You will giggle yourself silly. It’s a refreshing change to see smart filmmakers have some fun.


Originally published @ http://horrormoviesuncut.com/2015/06/26/zombeavers-netflix-review/

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